RE: The Zakrello Mk-II Retcontest!

Ben Koshy (
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 23:38:17 -0800

Well...I tried my hand at redesigning the puppy and I'm getting absolutely
nowhere. I think I'm out of the running on this one unless you want me to
introduce my Zakurero MK-II "Spiderman" Gundam... :) (Well, that's what it
looks like)...I'm trying to guestimate what would be the next phase of the
Zakurero...and well...I don't think I've had enough cocaine yet. I'm
surprised the MA designer didn't O.D. right after finishing the design.

Actually with the prescence of the heart ttatoo, its gotta be some internal
joke with Sunrise/whomever designed it. Maybe the Zakurero was a drawing
one the designer's kids did. Is the heart tattoo explained in the Gundam TV
series? The Zakurero isn't in the movies for very long from my

As for sponsoring the contest, I'll leave it in hands of the person who
thought of this in the first place...was it Mark Nguyen? I can provide a
webpage about the contest too if required....if you guys wanna do this for
real. We might be able to get AnimeVillage to sponsor some free Gundam
tapes for the contest, (heck AnimEigo used to chuck tapes at us by the
barrelload back in the old days for our cons and promos).

In a message dated 20/01/99 03:24:41 GMT Daylight Time,

> You'll find a small picture there. The weird thing that I just noticed is
> that it has this double heart tatoo on its shoulder with an arrow going
> through it. What the heck is that supposed to be? More weirdness from
> Zakurero... :)



This is going to be harder than I thought :) I'll bet the Zion just had huge
queues of pilots wanting to use it :)

Who wants to run this contest then ? Mark, Ben, Burke, any takers ? And can
get a magazine or someone to sponsor it and put up the prize ?


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