Re: MG Super Gundam

Djallel Zouita (
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 07:42:04 +0100

Aaron wrote:
> I think they are gearing up for something Major in '99. I typed in
> Netscape and it says this is going to be their future web site home and they
> are going to have it on a U.S. based server, let the speculation begin folks!

In fact I was told the guy in charge of their web site has to sleep at
work at the time being (but I guess, I hope, it was just some irony :-))

As for ordering the Super Gundam,it is definitely available at HLJ, you
can order it there (although it might look like advertising, I don't
have any shares in HLJ, I'm just transmitting the info).

and Eddie wrote:

>Same reaction here when I got it last night. :) I don't think they
>even had a photo of a prototype in the GEX section of Hobby Japan
>before the kit came out... all we heard was some rumor and then the
>kit shows up. I LIKE that. Better than announcing a kit that never
>materializes and keeps us all drooling (MG Dom anyone?)

Actually, it did appear in this month's issue of HJ along with the MG GM
and I don't think we could have seen it earlier because IIRC it was
announced in the first days of December.

By the way, who else fell into Bandai's trap and bought 3 Gundam MkII
MG? (Titans, AEUG and Super Gundam)

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