Re: MG Super Gundam

Y. Choe (
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 22:35:13 -0800

>I think they are gearing up for something Major in '99. I typed
>Netscape and it says this is going to be their future web site home and
>are going to have it on a U.S. based server, let the speculation begin

But then again, like Bandai and the DOM, Hobbylink Japan has been saying
that since August(?) of last year or so. I dearly hope that they can do
something with then just sit on it. Hey, I'll never know,
right? One day, the US server becomes functional and we can all be happy,
and the next day, boom, the MG Dom becomes a reality! What next, a MG
Retoconn of Zakurello?

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