Re: [OT] Mac/Win Hack

Y. Choe (
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 18:52:11 -0800

-Z- (or is that -z- ?) writes

>On the other hand, I've seen some Windows 3.1 vintage wallpaper that makes
>the screen look like a color Macintosh. And there's a "makeover" program
>that puts in Windows 95/98/NT registry settings that make Windows look and
>behave like X Window, Motif, Amiga Workbench, OS/2 Warp or Macintosh....

There are several programs that adjusts with Win9x's registry to give the UI
a unique flavor, from Macintosh like interface to X Windows, Enlightenment,
and what not. The closest parallel I can draw on this program is a Mac
Program (I forget the name) that essentially does the same job, but for
Macintosh platforms.

Some would argue that the infinity sign would aptly fit on a Win9X machine,
especially with its bloated kernal (especially 98,one of many reasons I got
rid of that crap) wrapped firmly around IE 4.0... A detestable beast, not
unlike Zakrello...

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