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Mark Nguyen asks,

> I'd wondered about that one, actually. Is that some point of contention
> for the series? Amuro seemed to rarely treat the Gundam as anything but
> a machine.
> So, WAS the Gundam sent out on some sort of program during that last
> episode? It didn't last too long in any case.

  That's the Gundam's famous learning computer. Though initially its combat
acumen was kinda lacking, by the last movie it's learned enough of Amuro's
moves to shoot down marauding mobile armor heads by itself. An earlier
version of the Gundam's computer database was used to program the GM,
compensating somewhat for the Federation's lack of skilled pilots.

  Of course, it would have been nice if this had actually been explained in
the animation. While the Gundam's AI computer had been alluded to in the TV
series - it even talks to Amuro when he fights the Azzam - the movie viewer
is apt to be rather boggled.

  Note that the more common phenomenon of mobile suits lifting their pilots
between ground and cockpit is a standard capability of every mobile suit -
the invading Zakus do it at the start of the first Gundam movie. Since
Zeon's amphibious mobile suits don't have hands, they have cockpit-hatch
elevators instead.

-- Mark
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