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Ranma writes,

> Do you guys know where I can find some gundam books?
>Mark Simmons mentions a " MS Encyclopedia " and that is DEFINATLY
>something I'd like to have.

  While my local branch of Books Kinokuniya has a pretty poor selection of
Gundam books, they do at least have plenty of copies of the MS
Encyclopedia. If you tell us where you live, we could probably recommend a
nearby import book store; otherwise, you can call up a Japanese bookstore
like Kinokuniya or Asahiya, or try an anime specialty store like Anime
Crash or Nikaku (see <> for Web site
contact info for some such stores).

  Placing special orders is likely to be a bit tricky, though if you give
'em an ISBN number then they should be able to identify the right book.
I've compiled ISBN numbers for all the books I've purchased or inspected at
<>. In the meantime, you might just see what
the store already has in stock.

  So what books should you grab? Mediaworks' MS Encyclopedia 98 is a
must-have. You can't really go wrong with one of NewType's 100% Collection
series. If you like Gundam 0083, I'd suggest the very snazzy MS WARS book.
Otherwise, depends what you're looking for...

Mark-II writes,

>Me too, actually; I "only" have the old Ver 3.0... The new one's on my
>wish list when I head to Japan in April, but if it's aprize, then
>hey...? :) Mind you, who'd actually PAY for such a prize?

  I'd be prepared to shell out for a nice prize for somebody who can make
the Zakrello look really good. It would be worth it for the entertainment
value alone!

  And yeah, I don't think the MS Encyclopedia would be a sufficiently
enticing reward for most mobile suit maniacs. Now Hobby Japan's Gundam
Mechanics I & II, on the other hand, or a few selected volumes of the Data
Collection series... ;-)

-- Mark
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