Smart Gundam? [Re: Monster of the Week? [Re: Zion Marine MS of 0079]]

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On Mon, 18 Jan 1999, Mark Nguyen wrote:
> > Even there, Gundam ends on a note that
> >makes you wonder, as the RX-78-2 seemingly carries on as Amuro would
> want
> >after Our Hero bails out. Rationalize it with learning computers and
> >Newtype powers, but the Gundam appears to sacrifice itself at the end,
> like
> >a traditional Noble Giant Robot.
> I'd wondered about that one, actually. Is that some point of contention
> for the series? Amuro seemed to rarely treat the Gundam as anything but
> a machine.
> So, WAS the Gundam sent out on some sort of program during that last
> episode? It didn't last too long in any case.

That was a very short but mysterious scene. My own rationalization
(ignoring ALL Gundam sequels such as F91 etc) is:

1. The computers in 0079 can "learn", but there's no hint of any artifical
"intelligence", e.g. Gundam won't automatically do the right thing, (it
can't even do something as simple as landing properly the first time Sayla
piloted it)

2. Amuro, who after his father is propably the No.1 expert on Gundam,
seemed to rarely treat the Gundam as a machine (is there an echo here?)

3. This was the final combat. Amuro wanted the war to end so he can go
home to a civilian life.

4. (My guess) Amuro's rapidly growing Newtype power is probably hinting
subconsciously at him that this will be the end of Gundam too.

5. (my very speculative guess) Amuro's Newtype power is telling him that
Char was waiting for him and to get Char there's no choice but to
sacrifice Gundam.

6. So Amuro programmed Gundam to walk on and shoot upward blindly (we've
never seen any auto-aiming mechanism in any 0079 MS, have we?).

7. Tomino didn't have time to insert even a 5 second scene showing Amuro
programming Gundam's last fateful shot. or perhaps,

7a. Tomino was pulling a cheap stunt and wanted us thinking for a moment
that Amuro was in Gundam and that he could be hurted or even killed by
Jiong's shot.

I admit, the above (esp. point 7) is very unsatisfying to me, but I have
to take that over the alternative, which is a "conscious" Gundam
sacrificing its "life" to kill Jiong. Because to me, the final episode is
about the mythic conflict between two Newtypes, rather than about yet
another MS fight.

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