The Zakrello Mk-II Retcontest!

Mark Nguyen (
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 13:12:42 PST

>Are we talking about the "Zakurelo"? That freakshow thing with the
slanted eyes and fanged

The "bright yellow horror", yes. And according to the discussion on this
ML, probably THE most popular candidate for "crappiest MS/MA design

It's a slow day at work, so I thought I'd come up with a fictional
background for the existence of (my) Zakrello Mk-II. Imagine the
following scene...


EARLY 0080

Aiguille Delaz sat back in his command chair as he went over his fleet's
status reports. According to the latest reports, only a scant few
stragglers had escaped from the A Bao A Qu battle zone to join his
ragtag fleet. He only had his flagship, a handful of Musai-class
cruisers, and an assortment of MS, mostly Zakus and Doms. Even these
numbers were optimistic; there was no telling how many machines would
have to be cannibalized to keep the rest running.

Delaz frowned. This was NOT good.

The yeoman entered the bridge and promptly announced the arrival of
Anavel Gato. Delaz had yet to really know the man, but he knew the
"Nightmare of Solomon" would prove to be a great asset in the years to
come. Gato seemed concerned as he flashed a hasty salute.

"Admiral. We need more mobile suits, and armors."

To the point. Delaz liked that.

"Really, Lieutenant. And just where do you expect these machines to come
from? The war is lost, and with it all of our production facilities on A
Bao A Qu. We will have to cannibalize what's left of our fleet to make
up for this. What would you have us do?"

Gato paused for a moment, considering, going over the inventory in his

"Sir, we rescued one mobile suit scientist from A Bao A Qu. He designed
a prototype MA that we also managed to salvage."

"Which MA is that?"

"The Zakrello, sir."

Delaz turned pale. The hideous mostrosity called Zakrello was the one
thing he wished his forces HADN'T managed to take with them. Despite
being in near-perfect condiditon, it was first on the list to be
dismantled. That garbage scow of putrid, acid-induced MA technology had
no right to exist in Delaz's fleet.

"God, we rescued HIM?!" Delaz blurted. "What happened to all those other
MS and MA designers?"

"Escaped to Axis, sir." Gato said confidently. "With any luck, we won't
see any more of their crappy MS designs until at least the second half
of 0087."

"Thank god for small miracles," Delaz sighed. "Is this one scientist
still useful?"

"Yes sir. He's already started on modifying leftover Zakus to a hybrid
space-fighter type machine. He also contends that at the time he
designed the Zakrello, he was high on crack cocaine and a variety of
other drugs and booze. He's recovered now, and says that he can also
modify the Zakrello to actually be worth something."

"Really. Well, if he can at least change the way that awful MA looks,
I'll be happy. Put all our resources into the project, Gato. This new
Zakrello will be the icon of strength for the Delaz fleet, and we will
use it to strike fear into the hearts of our enemies, and send them the
message that the glory of Zeon will never die!"

Gato snapped another salute. "Sieg Zeon."

"And if, against all odds, the new Zakrello turns out to be another
piece of crap, we'll just drop a colony on something. That's always a
good thing."

"Agreed, sir." Gato turned on his boot and began to leave the bridge.
Delaz called after him:

"Oh, and Lieutenant. If he does a bad job, execute the scientist. High
or not, he barely deserves to live as it is."

"Yes sir." With that, Gato was gone. Delaz relaxed in his chair, and
studied the reports with new drive. Zeon would live on, no matter the




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