Re: Monster of the Week? [Re: Zion Marine MS of 0079]

Mark Nguyen (
Mon, 18 Jan 1999 18:58:53 PST

> Even there, Gundam ends on a note that
>makes you wonder, as the RX-78-2 seemingly carries on as Amuro would
>after Our Hero bails out. Rationalize it with learning computers and
>Newtype powers, but the Gundam appears to sacrifice itself at the end,
>a traditional Noble Giant Robot.

I'd wondered about that one, actually. Is that some point of contention
for the series? Amuro seemed to rarely treat the Gundam as anything but
a machine. OTOH, in some other movies like F-91 the Gundam was certainly
given some potential sentience. Then there's the entire Sentinel

So, WAS the Gundam sent out on some sort of program during that last
episode? It didn't last too long in any case.


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