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> It was one of the robots of the week, (The worst one) but I'm doing a
>visual redesign to make it look actually realistic (within the Gundam
>universe) and was wondering. Oh, it was a space type MA, not a MAM.

It's been done. M.S. Era: Mobile Suit Gundam 0001-0080 - The Documentary
Photographs of the One Year War (1990.3.30, Bandai, ISBN4-89189-474-1) has
a beautiful retcon of the MA-04X Zacrelo (along with the MA-05 Bigro) on
page 86:

"68) THE SECRET WEAPON: During the latter days of the war Zion Forces
completed many new MSs, but almost all of them were incomplete prototypes."

The updated Zacrelo is white (or possibly bare-metal silver) with red
"eyes" (outlined in purple) and an actual mouth-like opening, housing the
scattering megaparticle cannon, lined with sharklike triangular metal
teeth. The shape is like a cross between a killer whale and a shark --
genuinely menacing. The blades on the arms look like oversized heat hawks
of the type sported by the Zaku FZ, right down to the seven
"weight-reduction" holes in the housing.


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