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Chien Ting Chin writes,

>Should we make a distinction between submarine MS and amphibious MS? I
>think all four MSM's are supposed to be amphibious.

  Yep. There are _no_ submarine mobile suits; all the MSM series, and later
designs like the Zaku Mariner, Capule, and that weird thing from V Gundam,
are amphibious designs for both land and water combat. The Grabro, however,
is a truly marine mobile armor, essentially a combat submarine with
grappling claws.

>Considering that, I think only Zugock make a passing grade out of the

  The Zugok is definitely the best, especially compared to the Gog.
Advantages vis-a-vis the Gog include air cooling (for longer land
operations), arm-mounted particle guns (for shooting enemies who aren't
right in front of you at waist level), head-mounted missiles (so you don't
have to lie on your back to launch attacks from the water), and an
all-around monoeye track.

  I also have a fondness for the Acguy, which I wouldn't want to use
against mobile suits, but makes a great anti-tank unit.

>On the issue of riduculous MS, how many of you know about the 4 weird MS's
>on the original Bandai model kit series? I don't think these 4 appeared
>in any anime, but they are in the Gundam model series. I think the names
>are Zogog (not Zugock), Acguy, Aggu (not Agguy) and Juagg.

  Actually, the question came up a few months ago in the rec.arts.anime
newsgroups. You can find my detailed explanation in the DejaNews archive at

  The quick summary is that these four weirdos were developed specifically
for invading the Federation's underground Jaburo fortress - that's why one
of them is a tunneling unit with drills and laser cutters. The other three
were supposed to carry out short-range attacks within the cavernous
confines of Jaburo. Char's impromptu invasion, which used up the resources
of Zeon's California base, rendered these superfluous and they were never
used in battle. However, they do get to join the invasion in volume 6 of
Kondoh's Gundam 0079 comic. ;-)

  Another category of original series spinoffs are MSX mobile suits like
the Pezun Dowadge, Gigan, Gasshia, and Galbaldy. Most of these were
supposed to appear in the planned 52-episode version of the story, and I
guess Okawara had already completed designs for these prior to the series'
early cancellation.

-- Mark
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