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On Sun, 17 Jan 1999, Rodrick Su wrote:
> The marine MS are the most specific MS during the OYW. Despite their
> really weird shape, they do serve one purpose, it works underwater. The
> clawed hands can moved much more freely than the humanoid hand of
> reguliar MS. Remember, form follows function rule.

Should we make a distinction between submarine MS and amphibious MS? I
think all four MSM's are supposed to be amphibious. IMHO, there's no real
reason to build purely submarine MS, cigar shape submarine with topedoes
should still rule the day (or night), as beam weapons aren't much good in
water. Arms and legs only make sense in hand-to-hand combats on land.

Considering that, I think only Zugock make a passing grade out of the

On the issue of riduculous MS, how many of you know about the 4 weird MS's
on the original Bandai model kit series? I don't think these 4 appeared
in any anime, but they are in the Gundam model series. I think the names
are Zogog (not Zugock), Acguy, Aggu (not Agguy) and Juagg. I don't have
pictures or anything, but I remember one has dual-whips on each arm (no
hands), another has triple finger-canons as both "hands" (no elbows). At
least one has no knee and ankle joints (making it even less walk-capable
than Zock). About the only features that make these remotely Gundam
related is the mono-eye and Agguy-like torso. But these trash cans makes
Agguy and Zock look dead serious. Actually they could be inspired by some
of the more zany monsters in Ultraman.

Does anyone know what I am talking about? Can you give more details
(especially pictures)? What's the story behind them? I am interested,
because, hell, the designer must have dropped some BAAAD acid.

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