Monster of the Week? [Re: Zion Marine MS of 0079]

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> You have to remember that the original Gundam was initially just another
> Giant Robot kidvid with a Monster Of The Week format. The marine MS filled

WHAT?! I hope that's just a slip of tongue. Through the first 22
episodes of OYW (which I just saw again last wk), the only monsters are
Zaku II, Zaku I and Gouf. Yes there's a "combat sequence of the week",
but the monster of the week didn't appear until (1) the story moved to the
sea, or (2) the Zeon get really panicky over Gundam and White Base and
started throwing prototypes at them. Even then, I content that these
monsters appeared in a believeable manner rather than on a weekly basis.

> But, rationaliztions nothwithstanding, they're mainly designed to be big
> and scary, especially to kids who live on a island and could be menaced on
> all sides by monster machines rising from the depths to attack them....

I think the similarity to Godzilla is purely coincidental. It's true that
OYW, like most anime series of the time, cater to young kids, but the
'format' is much closer to Babylon 5 (usually a crisis of the week, but
consistently pushes the main story "arc" forward) than the format of Star
Trek (crisis of the week, but no connections between episodes). As far as
my limited anime knowledge goes, this is pinoeered by Gundm. All other
anime of the time assumed that the attention span of the audience can not
extent beyond 30 minutes.

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