Re: GUNDAM: How does an MS pilot control the MS's hands?

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>UC Gundams are generally AMBAC controlled. Which means essentially that
>(for example) when you grab a beam saber, you don't physically
>manipulate your MS's arm and fingers to do so; rather, you flip a switch
>(or pull a trigger) and the computer takes care of it.
>Likewise, programs should exist to do things like open/grasp things or
>manipulate MS-compliant tech (eg. MS door handles). Other programs would
>allow for things like salutes, balled fists, etc. (I've always wanted a
>routine that would allow my MS to flip someone a one-fingered salute in
>combat ^_^).
>When picking up stuff, I'd imagine some sort of control option where a
>trigger or switch on the control stick (or ball or cylinder) would
>regulate the degree to which the fingers are gripped.

        I always thought (after seeing 0083) that gundams had a MS-OS computer
system which configured the controls and actions for a particular pilot --
this could also explain why they spend so much time tinkering and
programming. In other words, you have a set type of controls, including
two josysticks with main ball joints and a side turning T-type grip with
lots of buttons, as well as a lot of console could also have
foot pedals with similar articulation -- think PS hand controller. that
way, you can program a lot of movements into a set number of controls,
specific to the pilot. The better the pilot is at visualizing how he
fights, the more complex movements he can program or run through (Newtypes
being a case in point). As for the G Gundam people, well...that's another
matter entirely, kinda like the Daimyo/Daimos/Dynamo type controls. The
pilot would actually have to be a good fighter top pull off all the those
stunts since he is doing it himself.
        As Kuo Uraki's mugging demonstrates, the UC pilots were not good hand-to
hand fighters basically, although they could have been crack programmers or
visualizers. Compare how Kuo fights to the way Anavel does: it pretty
much shows how one pilot's style differs radically from another's. That
makes for a big loophole in 0083, though, since we don't actually see
Anavel get a MSOS disk and plug it into the gp02.

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