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> Cool! Plewase keep us posted. I'm sure more than one of us would be
> interested in Gundam fna art.
> Aha! New topic. How many of us are into designing MS and mecha? Not only
> art-wise, but specs a s well. There's the "Gundam Imperium" dude, and
> I've seen a couple Japanese sites withoriginal MS. Anyone else out
> there?

Ooh! That's me :P

Burke has a good number of sites listed on his site which have original MS
designs, although I think you'll have to wait until the end of the month to
access his page :)

> I for one, had a series of Silhouette formula Gundams designated RXF-92
> through 94. Kept me happy doodling through high school.. :)

On a slightly related topic, and pardon me if I'm asking an obvious question
here, but does anyone remember a (comic) series, I don't know what it would
have been called in Japanese, but it was about a kid called Kyoshiro (I
think), and they built plastic models, put them into a "simulation" computer
and then had battles. That's probably not much to go by, but there were some
original (I think they were anyway) designs in it, such as the Perfect Gundam,
the Red Gundam and a few others. They had one battle where a 1/144 Zakrello
was having it out with a 1/100 Zakrello, I remember. Oh, and a Core Figther +
Core Booster vs X-Wing fight. Guess who won that one....:)


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