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Chris Beilby (
Sun, 17 Jan 1999 15:02:14 -0800

Mark Nguyen wrote:

> >Other than the Scattering Mega Particle Cannon and the arm blades, did
> >the Zakrello carry any other weapons. The illustrations seem to show a
> >number of missile launchers, but I can't ever find them listed in the
> >specs.
> [For those who don't know, the Zacrello is that hideous yellow marine MA
> with the monster grin]
> Not according to my books. This was obvioulsy not shown in the movies;
> was this an important machine (ie piloted by someone integral to the
> series plot), or one of the "robots of the week" we all despise so?
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  It was one of the robots of the week, (The worst one) but I'm doing a
visual redesign to make it look actually realistic (within the Gundam
universe) and was wondering. Oh, it was a space type MA, not a MAM.

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