Re: GUNDAM: How does an MS pilot control the MS's hands?

Chris Beilby (
Sun, 17 Jan 1999 14:55:45 -0800 wrote:

> Exactly how does a pilot operate a Gundams hands? Also, exactly how does a
> pilot, pilot a Mobile Suit? I have only watched Gundam Wing. If I remember
> correctly, there is a Joystick/Grip Bars for each of Heero's hands and these
> move back and forth and up and down, depending on how Heero moves the
> controls, I think, what are these for? Wouldn't you have to be a Telepath or
> have the controls use brain waves to operate an Gundam's hands, as it would be
> sorta hard to control giant hands, that work like human hands, with today's
> Control devices. It can be a real-life explation or one based on the Gundam
> Universe's science (Which I would prefer).
> Aaron

Well, it varies depending on /which/ Gundam universe you're talking about. In G
Gundam, the pilots are in an exoskeleton frame within the cockpit, and are wired
up completely. For all the others, I assume that there are fingerpads within the
control sticks of the Mobile Suits that control the fingers based on how tightly
the pilot grips...

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