Re: Zion Marine MS of 0079
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At 08:49 1/17/99 -0500, you wrote:
>What the heck was with Zion's marine MS? I'm talking about the MS
>during the original series (0079). As far as I can tell, the Gock,
>Zugock, Zock, and Aggai all shared these traits:
>1) clawed hands
>2) roughly dwarf-like proportions
>3) heads that apparently couldn't turn and were basically just
>extentions of the torso
>4) weird arm features (the joints of the Zugock and Gock, the
>retractable claws of the Aggai, the plain goofiness of the Zock)

You have to remember that the original Gundam was initially just another
Giant Robot kidvid with a Monster Of The Week format. The marine MS filled
that role admirably, with the differences inherent in the amphibious design
justifying the (literally) otherworldly designs.

Within the Monster Of The Week constraint, which among other things dictate
that the Zeon MS would always be less humanoid (and thus inherentlymore
menacing) than the Federation MS, Gundam did a pretty good job of
rationalizing all of its design elements. The design elements of the
Marine MS are all quite justifiable.

First of all, they're all either spherical or ovoid pressure vessels with
only a few surface breaks. Next, the limbs all extend from the pressure
vessel in such a way as to be partly or totally retractible into a more
streamlined silhouette. The claws are functional, serving the dual purpose
as anti-ship weapons and as a mechanism by which the MS can raise itself
out of the water and establish a beachhead.

But, rationaliztions nothwithstanding, they're mainly designed to be big
and scary, especially to kids who live on a island and could be menaced on
all sides by monster machines rising from the depths to attack them....


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