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Rodrick Su wrote:

> At 05:49 AM 1/17/99 , Joaquin & Linette Torres wrote:
> >What the heck was with Zion's marine MS? I'm talking about the MS
> >during the original series (0079). As far as I can tell, the Gock,
> >Zugock, Zock, and Aggai all shared these traits:
> >1) clawed hands
> >2) roughly dwarf-like proportions
> >3) heads that apparently couldn't turn and were basically just
> >extentions of the torso
> >4) weird arm features (the joints of the Zugock and Gock, the
> >retractable claws of the Aggai, the plain goofiness of the Zock)
> >
> >Any of these MS, with the possible exception of the Zugock, could win
> >for "silliest MS design". Every time I see the Zock, I either cringe in
> >disgust or laugh so hard I nearly pee myself.
> >
> The marine MS are the most specific MS during the OYW. Despite their
> really weird shape, they do serve one purpose, it works underwater. The
> clawed hands can moved much more freely than the humanoid hand of
> reguliar MS. Remember, form follows function rule.
> And then of course, you got Cima's OYW collection of Marine Gelgoog. The
> coolest Gelgoog of them all.
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Yes, but in this context, Marine does not mean aquatic, but rather Close
Combat model (Marine as in Marine Corps, )

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