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Mark Simmons (
Sun, 17 Jan 1999 11:45:24 -0800

Joaquin Torres writes,

>What the heck was with Zion's marine MS? I'm talking about the MS
>during the original series (0079). As far as I can tell, the Gock,
>Zugock, Zock, and Aggai all shared these traits:
>1) clawed hands
>2) roughly dwarf-like proportions
>3) heads that apparently couldn't turn and were basically just
>extentions of the torso
>4) weird arm features (the joints of the Zugock and Gock, the
>retractable claws of the Aggai, the plain goofiness of the Zock)

  Most of thse are logical adaptions to the rigors of the undersea
environment. As we've discussed before, the crushing pressures of the
deep sea are far more powerful than the stresses of vacuum - in space,
you have only one atmospher of pressure pushing outwards, but underwater
you get another atmosphere of inward pressure for every ten meters you
descend. At 250 meters - the maximum diving depth of the Gog - you thus
have to hold out 25 atmospheres of pressure, 25 times the stress caused
by the vacuum of deep space.

  Also, there's streamlining to consider. A smooth shape is vital for
rapid movement underwater. That's one of the reasons why the Zaku Marine
Type was a failure - the Zeons radically underestimated the problem of
water resistance.

  Thus, the classic amphibious mobile suits are squat and bulky due to
their thick armor, have a minimum of joints to make them more easily
watertight (the all-around monoeye tracks make up for their
necklessness), and bullet-shaped forms so that they can move more quickly
underwater. The Zugok may look kinda goofy, but it's actually a great
design for underwater use - perfectly streamlined, and the arm and leg
designs allows flexibility without making the joints vulnerable to leaks
or water pressure.

  As for the claws, I suppose by the same logic, delicate hands would be
crushed by the pressure... and imagine the hassle of waterproofing each

Rodrick Su writes,

>And then of course, you got Cima's OYW collection of Marine Gelgoog. The
>coolest Gelgoog of them all.

  Though the Gelgoog Marine is _not_ an amphibious design. That's
"marine" as in "special forces," not as in underwater.

-- Mark

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