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Mark Simmons (
Sun, 17 Jan 1999 11:36:34 -0800

Ollie writes,

>In the December issue of Newtype I noticed a rather interesting freature at
>the back. I know Katoki's "Gundam FIX" no longer runs in Newtype, and I
>think this article was explaining why (my Japanese aint that hot ^_-).

  'Cause it's done. Katoki's been doing the series for years, and I guess
he figured he was done. A deluxe (and very expensive) compilation book
will be out later this year.

>What I am most concerned about is that this article has Tomino and Katoki
>pitted against each other, looking rather stern to say the least. What is
>going on here?

  The "versus" thing is just a Japanese gimmick for interviews. In many a
book or magazine, you'll see a headline like "Katoki X Tomino" or "Katoki
Vs. Tomino" to indicate interviewer and interviewee. In this case, the
two of 'em basically just get to sit down and chat.

-- Mark

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