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At 05:49 AM 1/17/99 , Joaquin & Linette Torres wrote:
>What the heck was with Zion's marine MS? I'm talking about the MS
>during the original series (0079). As far as I can tell, the Gock,
>Zugock, Zock, and Aggai all shared these traits:
>1) clawed hands
>2) roughly dwarf-like proportions
>3) heads that apparently couldn't turn and were basically just
>extentions of the torso
>4) weird arm features (the joints of the Zugock and Gock, the
>retractable claws of the Aggai, the plain goofiness of the Zock)
>Any of these MS, with the possible exception of the Zugock, could win
>for "silliest MS design". Every time I see the Zock, I either cringe in
>disgust or laugh so hard I nearly pee myself.

The marine MS are the most specific MS during the OYW. Despite their
really weird shape, they do serve one purpose, it works underwater. The
clawed hands can moved much more freely than the humanoid hand of
reguliar MS. Remember, form follows function rule.

And then of course, you got Cima's OYW collection of Marine Gelgoog. The
coolest Gelgoog of them all.

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