Re: Wackiest MS/MA in Gundam

Paul Lampshire (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 20:43:16 -0000

>Things usually go by series, so I'll start off by declaring that just
>about ALL the OYW Mobile Armor designs qualify. Top gun would have to be
>the Big Zam though, with its football body, bird legs, and explosive toe
>claws of death! Runner up would likely be that wierd yellow MA with the
>flailing arms and monster mouth; can't remember the name offhand.

IIRC, and bearing in mind I could be wrong, because I've not seen the TV
episodes of original Gundam and it doesn't appear in the movies...

It's the Zakurello.

>Unto ZZ Gundam things seem normal enough although it's debatable if the
>Dendrobium is too far out...

What about the Baund Dog?

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