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  So here goes. The main fleet of the Zanscare Empire was the Zugan
fleet, busy attacking Side 1 throughout the first half of V Gundam. By
the end of the campaign, this numbers about 40 ships by my best estimate,
three times the size of Char's Neo Zeon or the Delaz Fleet proper. It
looks like the League Militaire blow up about a quarter of this fleet as
it returns to Side 2, using Kairas Giri's huge cannon.

  The Zanscare Empire also has assorted smaller fleets at its disposal.
The Kairas Giri defense fleet, the Motorad fleet, and similar
special-purpose detachments number about a dozen ships, the same ballpark
figure as Delaz's and Char's fleets; this seems to be a common fleet
size. The combination LM and Federation fleet that attacks Angel Halo in
the last episodes of the series likewise numbers about a dozen ships -
the Reinforce Jr. and Jeanne D'Arc, both battleships, plus about five
Crap- and five Salamis-class cruisers.

  In general, we have a few recurring fleet sizes...

  ~4 ships (1 squadron): Londo Bell

  ~8 ships (2 squadrons): Cima fleet, Axis Advance Fleet
                                    AEUG circa Jaburo drop

  ~12 ships (3 squadrons/1 fleet): Delaz Fleet, Char's Neo Zeon
                                    Motorad fleet, Kairas Giri fleet
                                    (and probably the Crossbone Vanguard

  ~40 ships (3 fleets): Zugan fleet
                                    Standard pre-war Federation fleet, as
per Gundam RPG

  ~120 ships: Federation armada (Operation British,
Star One, etc.)

  Ignoring the oddball 8-ship level, we have a fairly typical escalation
here: four ships, three groups of four ships, three groups of three
groups of four ships, ad nauseum. You can assume that the corresponding
numbers of mobile suits are a few times the number of ships. Thus, a
squadron might have 12-20 mobile suits. A dozen-ship fleet with a large
flagship can have close to a hundred - Delaz and Char, who have 14 ships
apiece, each have 80 mobile suits and change. For a 40-ship mega-fleet,
expect maybe 300 or so mobile suits; for a hundred-ship armada, a
thousand mobile suits wouldn't be out of the question.

-- Mark

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