Mobile Suit Gundam 0085: The rise of the Titans

Chris Beilby (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 19:21:43 -0800

Ok, guys. I'm still looking for players to be involved in my Gundam
Play by E-mail game. The Game is set in UC 0085, and focuses around the
rise to power of the Titans and the events between Stardust Memories and
Zeta Gundam.

The game is being played using the Mekton Zeta rules, and Ben Wright's
Gundam modifications that are posted on the Mekton Bastion. Characters
are Cinematic, with 60 points to divide between the 10 base Attributes.
A number of factions are available, both Fed and Zeon, including a new
Zeon Faction of my own creation, the mysterious Sturmkommando.

If you are interested in joining the game, E-mail to me, not the list,
and I'll help you get started. However, I am going to stop accepting
new players on January 20th, so please respond quickly...

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