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>Nowhere is Gundam F91 is it ever even suggested that Cecily Fairchild/Vera
>Ronah is a Newtype. Seabook Arno's the one and only putative Newtype in
>the movie.

    Actually, during the time when Cecily is fighing alongside of Seabrook,
Seabrook and Cecily did "talk" via Newtype powers more than once. Remember
when Seabrook used Cecily's MS to distract Iron Mask? He did say something
along the lines of "you ask me to use your MS, Cecily?" before destroying
the MS. If Cecily didn't have Newtype power, she can never tell Seabrook of
her plan, since she was quite unconscious...

>The diamond earrings go with the burgundy dress, both of which belonged to
>Nadia Ronah, who fled from the Ronah family and was in hiding from them.
>Presumably, the earrings contained a warning device that would alert her to
>the proximity of Crossbone Vanguard MS.

    I never knew that...

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