Re: Wackiest MS/MA in Gundam

Mark Nguyen (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 21:29:26 PST

>08th MS TEAM: I must be the only one that likes Ez8er, and the
>On the other hand, the Apsarous family is just... Odd...

I quite like both, actually, despite not having seen the former. "The GM
that Never Was..."

>F91: More or less the entire Crossbone Vanguard sucks. But I do like
>Lafressia, very much... And F91 itself grew on me after awhile.

I enjoyed the break from the "all bad MS MUST look like Zakus" thing.
The F-91 (GM Truck) didn't impress me all that much, although I still
think the Silhouette Formula Gundam and many of its cohorts kick total
butt. ;)

>That's my 200 cents. Yours to spend as you wish.

How 'bout on some of whatever the designers of these mecha were smoking?

To give these guys credit though, they were trying to do something
different (with the exception of the 0079 guys, who were essentially
doing throwbacks to the 70s Giant Robot Theme [tm]). It just didn't wark
out very well in some cases.


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