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>This one is visited every so often on this list, but it's been a while,
>In your opinion, what's the wackiest, craziest, acid trip inducingest
>MS/MA designs in Gundam? The ones that made you laugh, cry, puke, or
>wonder what the designers were smoking when they put pen to paper!

The Hall of Shame...

Gundam 0079: The one that takes the Cake for me (other then the one already
mentioned, the Zacrelo (?) ) are Gyan and Akkugai (Acguy?). Gyan is just
flat out corny where as Acguy is just damn ugly as heck... Most of Zionic
MS though, they're just ugly, there are no dispute to that.

08th MS TEAM: I must be the only one that likes Ez8er, and the RX-79[g].
On the other hand, the Apsarous family is just... Odd...

Gundam 0080: The only thing I have to gripe about is the design of Zak, but
then again, it could be the model kits.

Gundam 0083: Wal Waro is an interesting design. As for Dendrobium, I like
the design, but somehow, it just doesn't fit it in with the rest of the
mobile suits featured in the series.

Z Gundam: Fa Yuri's ride, the Methuss, is dang weird, But then again, most
of Scirocco's Rides are different.

Nu Gundam: Nothing much out of the ordinary, and I am rather impressed with

F91: More or less the entire Crossbone Vanguard sucks. But I do like
Lafressia, very much... And F91 itself grew on me after awhile.

Victory: Dunno.

G Gundam: Anything out of the main five plus Nobel and Rising are damn
ugly, and the Devil Gundam takes the Cake.

W Gundam: Pisces and Canker... err... cancer. They suck, period.

Sentinel Gundam: Xeku Zwei doesn't look like anything out of the
Gundamverse.. Not that it's bad or anything. And Gundam mk. V don't look
like a Gundam at all.

Other notables: F90 (all of them), most 0079 MSVs, any of Okawara's Gundam
Design, notably, RX-78 4-7. Ugly monsters...

That's my 200 cents. Yours to spend as you wish.
Y. Choe

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