Gundam 0079 #6
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 20:05:27 -0800

I just picked up the long-awaited 6th volume of Gundam 0079 at Kinokuniya.
Here's the skinny.

Dengeki Comics Mobile Suit Gundam 0079, Volume 6 (1999.1.15, Mediaworks,
ISBN4-07-310663-5) 200 B&W digest pages plus color mini-poster for 550 yen.

Despite the official release date of the 15th, the book arrived here in the
US this week and therefore must've been released by the 1st at the very
latest. This volume opens with the story of "woman spy" Miharu Latokie (an
interesting name, since "miharu" is Japanese for "one who keeps watch") and
ends with Char's amphibious assault on Jaburo, so Kondoh may wrap up the
series in eight volumes, after all.

Practice makes perfect, and Kondoh's human figures are a lot better than
they were in previous years. They're immediately recognizable, although in
many cases appear to be "swipes" from key frames of the original anime.
While I love the mecha, which Kondoh imbues with great realism, I can't
help but wish that the great Yoshikazu Yasuhiko were doing these books,
instead. Check out Venus Wars and Rebel Sword (nee Star Of The Kurds),
the two Yaz manga series that were translated and distributed here in the
US by Dark Horse, and you'll see what I mean.

Yaz has never done Gundam in manga, more's the pity. He never did Dirty
Pair in either anime or manga, although his did the color covers and B&W
interior art for both the Dirty Pair and Crusher Joe novels, before doing
his star turn on the Crusher Joe anime movie. If you want some idea of
Yaz's take on the Dirty Pair, imagine a red-headed Lyra Myra Lyle (from Z
Gundam) as Kei and a dark-haired Crusher Alfin (from Crusher) Joe as Yuri....


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