Side By Side (Was: Axis Fleet Strength)
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>Roderick Su writes,
>>I noticed in your website that there appeared to have been a Side name
>>re-alignment after 0083, where the totally destroyed Side 5 is renamed
>>Side 4. Side 2 which suffered lots of gas attack is re-named into
>>Side 5, and the old Side 4 is renamed into Side 2. Was ther a reason
>>for this re-alignment?
> Sides 1 and 2 never actually move; rather, it's their Lagrange point
>neighbors that rearrange. In short, Sides 1 through 3 are fixed, while
>Sides 4 through 6 undergo an inexplicable rearrangement sometime between
>the One Year War and the Z Gundam era.
> While Sides 4 and 5 seem to have been wiped out during the war, Side 6
>was untouched, so if you're suspecting a correlation between devastation
>and relocation then this would kinda break the pattern. As for the reason
>for the reshuffling, it beats the heck out of me.
> The identification of the Side in front of the moon - which is the site
>of the Texas Colony, the Shoal Zone where Delaz's base is located, and the
>future home of the Frontier Side - is kind of important from a Gundam
>history perspective, but it's flatly identified as Side 5 in the original
>series and Side 4 in every subsequent one. Shrug.

As noted in previous posts, there was a gap of about five years between the
original series and Z gundam, during which the creators apparently forgot
or overlooked the original arrangement.

The Sides with "fixed" positions are Sides 1, 2, 3 and 7. Side 1 is at L5
because that's where all of the O'Neill source material said the first
colonies should be built. Side 2 is at L4 because that's the other stable
Lagrange point, the one "parallel" to L5. Side 3 is at L2 because that's
the Lagrange point farthest from Earth, located out beyond the Moon. Side
7 is at L3, the point diametrically opposite L2. These four points were
placed by logical necessity and were therefore remembered.

But there was nothing to "fix" the positions of Sides 4, 5 and 6 in memory,
so there location was up for grabs. Sure enough, these are the Sides that
"moved" around -- Side 4 from L5 to L1, Side 5 from L1 to L4 and Side 6
from L4 to L5.


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