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At 02:02 PM 1/13/99 , you wrote:
> I doubt they sent a ship to _every_ colony - that would require
>dozens of
>ships, probably more than a hundred even in the post-One Year War era.
>likely they sent a few to each Side, expecting each to make its way
>several colonies. Sides 1 and 2 would be the most likely prospects -
>Side 4
>is just a bunch of space junk, Side 5 is sparsely populated at best,
>Side 6
>has been historically neutral, and Side 7 has just one colony. I'd
>the evangelism was mostly aimed at Sides 1 and 2, the most populous and
>politically-active Sides.

I noticed in your website that there appeared to have been a Side name
re-alignment after 0083, where the totally destroyed Side 5 is renamed
Side 4. Side 2 which suffered lots of gas attack is re-named into
Side 5, and the old Side 4 is renamed into Side 2. Was ther a reason
for this re-alignment?

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