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Mark Nguyen writes,

>Through all this talk about fleet composition, it's come to light that
>most groups' fleet strengths in Gundam are actually rather small. In
>fact, it seems to me that since the OYW, there has NEVER been any fleet
>of warships that size.

  Absolutely. The era when fleets of 50-100 ships clashed in epic battles
ended with the One Year War. Probably the next-largest fleet would be that
of the Zanscare Empire in V Gundam; I'll look up my fleet size estimates

>At the moment however, I'm just wondering about the size of the Axis
>fleet. Presumably, Hamman and co. were able to rebuild their fleet of
>warships using materials in the asteroid belt. The Gwanban, for example;
>was she a newbuild? And what about fuel? Did they get that from the JEF?

  The Gwanban and Gwadan were newly-made ships, as are the Endora-class
cruisers that start showing up at the end of Z Gundam. By the end of ZZ,
the two rival Neo Zeon fleets - Hamaan's and Gremmi's - seem to have a
dozen-plus ships each, indicating that the full-strength Neo Zeon fleet
would have been 20-30 ships before the civil war. I forget where I put my
exact tally of the ships seen in ZZ's last episode...

  As for resources, the Axis should have had a pretty good source of
nuclear fuel and propellant from the Jupiter fleet and the abundant
resources of the asteroid belt. But it looks like the bulk of the Neo Zeon
fleet was constructed after the Axis's return to the Earth sphere, as only
a few of their ships show up during Z Gundam.

>And what was the actual size of the Axis fleet? How many ships, not
>incuding the Axis Asteroid itself? IIRC the first thing Neo-Jion does
>when they arrive is divvy up their forces and send one ship to each
>colony to go about "converting" its populace to Neo-Jion rule. Even if
>it's only on one Side (which I can't remember), how many ships would
>that take?

  I doubt they sent a ship to _every_ colony - that would require dozens of
ships, probably more than a hundred even in the post-One Year War era. More
likely they sent a few to each Side, expecting each to make its way through
several colonies. Sides 1 and 2 would be the most likely prospects - Side 4
is just a bunch of space junk, Side 5 is sparsely populated at best, Side 6
has been historically neutral, and Side 7 has just one colony. I'd expect
the evangelism was mostly aimed at Sides 1 and 2, the most populous and
politically-active Sides.

>And even then, Where'd all this manpower for Neo-Jion come from? They
>weren't clones, and I assume that the escaped forces were primarily
>military, ie. male (as portrayed in the original Gundam). What gives
>here? Bad writing of ZZ Gundam?

  Actually, they seem to have included complete families, presumably the
families of Zeon officers and government officials. There are children
being raised in the Axis, and most of its pilots are teenagers like Mashma
who would have been in grade school during the One Year War. The Axis/Neo
Zeon forces are very light on veterans, which is one reason why the quality
of their pilots is so poor.

-- Mark
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