Axis Fleet Strength

Mark Nguyen (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 12:54:47 PST

Through all this talk about fleet composition, it's come to light that
most groups' fleet strengths in Gundam are actually rather small. In
fact, it seems to me that since the OYW, there has NEVER been any fleet
of warships that size.

At the moment however, I'm just wondering about the size of the Axis
fleet. Presumably, Hamman and co. were able to rebuild their fleet of
warships using materials in the asteroid belt. The Gwanban, for example;
was she a newbuild? And what about fuel? Did they get that from the JEF?

And what was the actual size of the Axis fleet? How many ships, not
incuding the Axis Asteroid itself? IIRC the first thing Neo-Jion does
when they arrive is divvy up their forces and send one ship to each
colony to go about "converting" its populace to Neo-Jion rule. Even if
it's only on one Side (which I can't remember), how many ships would
that take?

And even then, Where'd all this manpower for Neo-Jion come from? They
weren't clones, and I assume that the escaped forces were primarily
military, ie. male (as portrayed in the original Gundam). What gives
here? Bad writing of ZZ Gundam?


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