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MAck Mack (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 12:54:54 -0800 (PST)

Ziong was just a little to wweird for me!

---Mark Nguyen <> wrote:
> This one is visited every so often on this list, but it's been a
> so....
> In your opinion, what's the wackiest, craziest, acid trip inducingest
> MS/MA designs in Gundam? The ones that made you laugh, cry, puke, or
> wonder what the designers were smoking when they put pen to paper!
> Things usually go by series, so I'll start off by declaring that just
> about ALL the OYW Mobile Armor designs qualify. Top gun would have
to be
> the Big Zam though, with its football body, bird legs, and explosive
> claws of death! Runner up would likely be that wierd yellow MA with
> flailing arms and monster mouth; can't remember the name offhand.
> Unto ZZ Gundam things seem normal enough although it's debatable if
> Dendrobium is too far out...
> ZZ Gundam: What's with the Hamma-Hamma?!
> CCA/F-91: The MS are rational enough, but what's with the A-Azeriel
> Lafressia (empahasis latter)?
> G-Gundam takes the cake though. I won't START on that one...
> Mark-II
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