Re: cecily's earrings. . .

Mark Nguyen (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 12:28:05 PST

>I have a question. In f91 when cecily gets some kind of warning due to
her mom earrings.
>Is this 'cause of her newtype abilities or do these earrings actually
do something? This has
>bugged me for awhile and there is no later reference to them later in
the movie.

I was figuring that they were her mom's earrings, and thus a part of her
family in an emotional and psychological sense. Thus, when Cecily's
extended family attacked the colony, her connection to her family,
enhanced by her newtype abilities and triggered by an object of
sentimental family value, caused the response.

Or, the earrings could've been bits of pretty scrap metal found by
Meitzer when he was still working salvage at Sam's Scrap Suits 'r' Us.
Little did he know that they were bits of debris from Amuro's Nu Gundam


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