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At 10:17 AM 1/13/99 , Mark Simmons wrote:
>And, in reference to catapults,
>>Well, assuming an acceleration of round about 1G, it would take the
>MS roughly
>>30 seconds to reach Mach 1. I suppose it depends how far behind - if
>>transports were 50 km behind the line, that would mean 100 seconds
>for an MS
>>to reach battle, arriving at roughly Mach 3, which is probably about
>right -
>>and another 100 seconds to slow down enough to actually fight
>something :)
> Your speed and acceleration-time estimates nicely match those
>implied by
>the novels and animation. It seems that the typical encounter ranges for
>ships are much longer - on the order of 1000 to 5000 kilometers, if you
>believe 0083 - so mobile suits would presumably accelerate for a couple
>minutes, cruise at that speed for tens of minutes, then slow down to a
>manageable combat speed.
> How much of a boost could you derive from a catapult deck? As it turns
>out, not much...
> If you work the math, you'll note that the length of the catapult
>deck is
>the limiting factor here. A 200-meter catapult - a generous estimate,
>most can't be more than half that - gives you a value of 400 meters for
>acceleration x time squared. Let's say our catapult acceleration is ten
>gees - again, a gross overestimate. That gives us a catapult time of two
>seconds, for a total acceleration of just 200 meters/second, a
>fraction of
>the typical cruising speed of a mobile suit. A 100-meter catapult with a
>more modest five gees of acceleration, meanwhile, delivers just 100
>meters/second of kickstart.
> All in all, the modest bootstrap effect of such a catapult probably
>serves more to get the mobile suits well clear of the ship than to
>contribute substantially to their cruising speed.

Yep. I always envisioned the purpose of catapult is so launched MS don't
run into each other. As someone said regarding the 8th MS Team opening
episode, yes, Shiro just took off in a ball directly from the transport,
but he had no other traffic in his path. Try to dump a whole bunch of MS
from a cargo hold would result in quit a few mishaps.

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