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On Tue, 12 Jan 1999, wrote:
> For example, my problems
> with the Kampfer and Hygog models derive not so much from their failure to
> match the anime as from their failure to look convincing as mecha (or
> workable as models, which is another beef entirely). I like the Zugock-E,
> Zaku-FZ and Rick Dom II so much because they're so neatly done and
> realistic, even though their proportions may differ from the anime.

Hmm, can I interject? I actually like the Hygog quiet a bit... Yes there
are many flaws (like the feet), but it's got a really alien look to it. A
significant move away from the samurai look. In fact, in comparison to
Zugock-E, for the claws to be effective weapons, the arm-reach of Hygog
looks a lot more menacing.

But no question Zugock-E model kit is better than Hygog model kit.

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