Wackiest MS/MA in Gundam

Mark Nguyen (mnguyen@hotmail.com)
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 10:48:29 PST

This one is visited every so often on this list, but it's been a while,

In your opinion, what's the wackiest, craziest, acid trip inducingest
MS/MA designs in Gundam? The ones that made you laugh, cry, puke, or
wonder what the designers were smoking when they put pen to paper!

Things usually go by series, so I'll start off by declaring that just
about ALL the OYW Mobile Armor designs qualify. Top gun would have to be
the Big Zam though, with its football body, bird legs, and explosive toe
claws of death! Runner up would likely be that wierd yellow MA with the
flailing arms and monster mouth; can't remember the name offhand.

Unto ZZ Gundam things seem normal enough although it's debatable if the
Dendrobium is too far out...

ZZ Gundam: What's with the Hamma-Hamma?!

CCA/F-91: The MS are rational enough, but what's with the A-Azeriel and
Lafressia (empahasis latter)?

G-Gundam takes the cake though. I won't START on that one...


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