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Roderick Su writes,

>What I'd like to know is how the Feds managed to shipped all of those
>GMs off from Earth. As Mark Simmons mentioned, most of the Operation
>Star One GMs are build in Jaburo, with a good percentage build in Luna
>2. Now, heavy lifting, even in UC 79 is kind of a none-trivia task,
>and the though of putting so many MS into orbit...

  We know that the better part of the Federation fleet was launched from
Jaburo in a hideously expensive orgy of booster-assisted cruiser takeoffs.
But, since the Jaburo-launched fleet stopped in at Luna Two prior to the
start of Operation Star One, I suppose it could have picked up the bulk of
its GMs there. After all, we don't see a lot of Columbus-class transports
in most depictions of the Jaburo launch (something that happened off-camera
in the actual animation)...

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