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At 09:00 AM 1/13/99 , Prabal Nandy wrote:
>> >>There doesn't seem to be any disadvantage to me of using modified
>> Would yet another possibility be that the transports used are
>> actually *converted* transports, not stock transports, with some
>> facilities for storing/maintaining MS? Such ships were used during
> I'd wager that this was the case. At the very least they'd HAVE to be
>equipped with some sort of hangar-like 'restraints' for holding the MS
>firmly during thrust/maneuvers. And it wouldn't be too difficult to
>have a
>few tanks of extra fuel and recharge hoses/couplers and extra
>pistols/bazookas here and there.
> It all depends on how much time the Fed had to equip these
> -Probe

What I'd like to know is how the Feds managed to shipped all of those
GMs off from Earth. As Mark Simmons mentioned, most of the Operation
Star One GMs are build in Jaburo, with a good percentage build in Luna
2. Now, heavy lifting, even in UC 79 is kind of a none-trivia task,
and the though of putting so many MS into orbit...

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