Re: Transports and MS

Mark Nguyen (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 09:32:34 PST

> I'd wager that this was the case. At the very least they'd HAVE to
>equipped with some sort of hangar-like 'restraints' for holding the MS
>firmly during thrust/maneuvers. And it wouldn't be too difficult to
have a
>few tanks of extra fuel and recharge hoses/couplers and extra
>pistols/bazookas here and there.
> It all depends on how much time the Fed had to equip these

I'd say not much - between the start of GM mass-production and the
battles of Solomon and A Bao A Qu, there's scarecely any time for
refitting, unless it was part of the mass-produciton plan. If that's the
case, there's more time for people to rip the guts out of transports and
slap some MS support facilities in there.

About MS restraints: they may not be completely necessary in this case,
since the MS arms can be used to grasp and anchor on load-bearing
structures (or heck, just to wedge itself in a corner or somthing, using
hands and feet to brace itself). I'm sure MS can "lock-down" in any
position, and don't become rag dolls when you turn ‘em off in anything
but a standing at attention. ;)


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