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>>The discussion about the fleet composition got me thinking...
>>There doesn't seem to be any disadvantage to me of using modified transports
>>to act as, at least short-term MS carriers.
>>Certainly, you wouldn't be able to carry out any long term maintenance on MSs
>>in the way that a dedicated carrier could, but as a short term measure (such
>>as ferrying MSs into battle at A Bao A Qu on Columbus-class transports), it
>>shouldn't be a major disadvantage ?
>There's another possibility: Q ships -- transports equipped with hidden
>weapons (or MS) or small warships (with MS capability) disguised as
>transports. The first Q ships were deployed in WW1 to entice and trap
>German U-boats.
        Would yet another possibility be that the transports used are
actually *converted* transports, not stock transports, with some limited
facilities for storing/maintaining MS? Such ships were used during World
War II to escort convoys - Escort Carriers [1] - and I think at least
one of the early vessels was HMS Audacity (aptly named, as she was built
from a captured German merchantman...!)

        [1] CVE - Carrier Vessel Escort in the US Navy. [2]

        [2] CVE - Combustible, Vulnerable, Expendable - US Navy
crewmen... ^_^

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