Re: Transports and MS
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 01:02:32 EST

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> The thing about it is that the "carriers" cannot sustain any damage
> at all.. not that Gundam ships-of-the-line could.. =) So long you do not
> expose the transport to combat, there's no harm in it.

You'd need to keep the transports WELL behind the front line (tries to imagine
a kamikaze squad of Columbus-class charging into battle) :) Or of course, put
a hero in command of one, which would ensure its survival at least until the
last episode :) It would also allow units charging into battle time to
accelerate up to speed before engaging the enemy.

> The catapults found on most dedicated carriers, are in my opinion,
> to get the MS going as fast as possible. Delta V that otherwise must be
> built up slowly can be imparted to the MS thru a catapult quickly. =)

Well, assuming an acceleration of round about 1G, it would take the MS roughly
30 seconds to reach Mach 1. I suppose it depends how far behind - if the
transports were 50 km behind the line, that would mean 100 seconds for an MS
to reach battle, arriving at roughly Mach 3, which is probably about right -
and another 100 seconds to slow down enough to actually fight something :)

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