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At 16:03 1/12/99 EST, you wrote:
>The discussion about the fleet composition got me thinking...
>There doesn't seem to be any disadvantage to me of using modified transports
>to act as, at least short-term MS carriers. If you think about it, what are
>the requirements for an MS to launch in zero-G conditions ? Unlike an aircraft
>carrier, an MS in space doesn't require a runway. Assuming a largish cargo bay
>open to space, the MS could literally just step out of the door before firing
>its thrusters.

        The thing about it is that the "carriers" cannot sustain any damage
at all.. not that Gundam ships-of-the-line could.. =) So long you do not
expose the transport to combat, there's no harm in it.

        The catapults found on most dedicated carriers, are in my opinion,
to get the MS going as fast as possible. Delta V that otherwise must be
built up slowly can be imparted to the MS thru a catapult quickly. =)

        In case you are wondering, remember Amada Shiro, from 08MS? He
launched a Ball from a transport, just like you suggested. Logically, he
could have docked his Ball back with the transport. Heck, Telly Sanders
brought his GM back to said ship.

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