Re: Question about Axis troop strength
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 17:58:32 -0800

At 07:01 1/12/99 -0800, you wrote:
>How much of the Zeon Dukedom's military were actually destroyed in the
>end of One Year War? How much of that returned to civilian life. I
>know a small portion of it went into Side 5 to form Delaz Fleet. What
>I don't know is how much of the former Zeon forces went into Axis.

Hmmm. It's a bit more complicated than that, I think. You've got:

[A] Zeon military killed in action

[B] Zeon military who escaped to Axis

[C] Zeon military who didn't escape to Axis, get captured or surrender

[D] Zeon military who were captured or surrendered to the Federation
(Delaz, Cima, Bitter and anyone MIA rather than KIA fall into this category)

Only those in group [D] returned to civilian life, although that life
may've been far from Zeon. Kelly Layzner on the Moon, for example. The
former MS engineers could've continued working in the new Zeon Republic,
moved to the Moon to work for Anahiem or to Earth to work directly for the
Federation military. Like the German rocket scientists after WW2, they
were probably parceled out according to who got to them first.

There's also a possible [E] group, currently limited to one known exemplar:
Zeon military who escaped to Axis and later returned clandestinely to the
Earth Sphere....


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