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>The discussion about the fleet composition got me thinking...
>There doesn't seem to be any disadvantage to me of using modified
>to act as, at least short-term MS carriers. If you think about it,
>what are
>the requirements for an MS to launch in zero-G conditions ? Unlike an
>carrier, an MS in space doesn't require a runway. Assuming a largish
>cargo bay
>open to space, the MS could literally just step out of the door before
>its thrusters.

The launch catapult helps because it speeds up the rate in which MS can
be launch, without having to worry about running into each other.

>As far as refuelling and re-landing is concerned, if the pilot could
>the MS into the cargo bay, there isn't anything to stop the transport
>having some refuelling trucks or vehicles on board, and at least
>provide some
>sort of refuelling capacity that way. Unless MS require any kind of
>docking procedure to land, this should surely be feasible, and the
>number of
>times pilots manage to land their suits totally unassisted in the
>anime would
>seem to suggest that this is feasible.

There is a lot more to a carrier than just a launch pad. MS maintaince
is a non-trivia process, and you surely cannot expect to do that when all
of the MS are packed like sardine in a cargo hold.

>Certainly, you wouldn't be able to carry out any long term maintenance
>on MSs
>in the way that a dedicated carrier could, but as a short term measure
>as ferrying MSs into battle at A Bao A Qu on Columbus-class
>transports), it
>shouldn't be a major disadvantage ?

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