Transports and MS
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 16:03:33 EST

The discussion about the fleet composition got me thinking...

There doesn't seem to be any disadvantage to me of using modified transports
to act as, at least short-term MS carriers. If you think about it, what are
the requirements for an MS to launch in zero-G conditions ? Unlike an aircraft
carrier, an MS in space doesn't require a runway. Assuming a largish cargo bay
open to space, the MS could literally just step out of the door before firing
its thrusters.

As far as refuelling and re-landing is concerned, if the pilot could maneuver
the MS into the cargo bay, there isn't anything to stop the transport from
having some refuelling trucks or vehicles on board, and at least provide some
sort of refuelling capacity that way. Unless MS require any kind of special
docking procedure to land, this should surely be feasible, and the number of
times pilots manage to land their suits totally unassisted in the anime would
seem to suggest that this is feasible.

Certainly, you wouldn't be able to carry out any long term maintenance on MSs
in the way that a dedicated carrier could, but as a short term measure (such
as ferrying MSs into battle at A Bao A Qu on Columbus-class transports), it
shouldn't be a major disadvantage ?


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