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Hi Guys.

Here is what I tell you honestly about the PG Gundam, I have found a
couple of not so nice points about it.

First. Problem is that a lot of the moveable PArts don't make for a nice
and should be glued.

Like: The white part that goes behind the Hand should be attached to the
actuator before the Assembly.

GLue the Poly cap holders in the Rump area to the body section for a
good tight fit. As standard the Upper body has a tendency to drop off.

The Lights in the Head are nice, but the assembly is rather frustrating.
You have to put 3 Wires in the Head and the Diode. When you put the Head
halves together you have to keep alignment of: 3 Wires, 1 Diode, 2 Clear
Parts and the Switch. One mistake = no lights.

Similar Problem with the Beam Saber in the Options Set #1.

The Clear part option set is nice but not all the parts are being
replaced. it covers: Head, Chest, one Arm, One leg and bits of the Hip
unit plus some parts on the Separate Core fighter. The CLear Parts are
nice and show a lot of Detail, pity the Ejection Pins leave lots of
round marks in the clear Plastic.
Shoulders Covers and most Hip Unit is not being replaced. So you will
never have a complete see-through Kit.

The Hands: are very nicely done with each Finger as a separate part.
Pity since the Finger is reassembled and moveable painting might be a
tedious option.

All the Accessories that go into the Hands have little Tabs that slot
into the hands for perfect alignment, but the don't hold the heavy
Shield etc. nicely.

One other Problem I found is the Shoulder joint. it is nicely actuated
bur tends to pull out of the Poly Cap occasionally. This is mostly due
to the weight of the Arm.

Another slight Drawback is the Hip Joint. great you can move it 180
Degrees forward and backward, but it doesn't swivel to the side much.
Making posing as much a hassle as with the other Kits.

Overall the Kits is nice but care should be taken when assembling it.
Due to the weight of over 1/2 kg in plastic, it is quiet heavy
especially in the Chest area. Which makes posing a bit of a balancing
act. This could have been fixed by making the Hip joint more moveable.

Anyway. Ciao for now.


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