HCM #25

Mon, 11 Jan 1999 18:40:39 -0800

After about three years, I've finally completed my Gundam HCM collection
with the acquisition of HCM #25: RX-93 Nu-Gundam.

Probe has panned this critter on a number of occasions. His critique has
most often centered around the fact that the Fin Funnel is a single piece
molded in the open position in plain white (rubbery) plastic. This doesn't
bother me, as I would go nuts trying to deal with all the fiddly bits
involved in six fully functional Funnels, to say nothing of their
unbalancedf weight. If I have any complaint myself with the HCM line, it's
that they can sometimes be hard to pose. A faithful recreation of the Fin
Funnel would make it virtually impossible to stand the bugger up without props.

The only legitimate criticism I can see for the HCM is that it's not
entirely faithful in the color scheme of the accessories. The one-piece
Fin Funnel is OK by me, but they really should've colored it blue-black on
the back, with yellow frames for the centerpieces. The beam rifle and
bazooka are also monotone gray-white, not two-toned white and blue-black as
in the anime. This oversight is made even more problematic by the fact
that the *rockets* in the bazooka are nicely distiguished in red! The
bazooka has another nice gimmick in the way it slots into the backpack,
easy to disengage when you want it, but impossible to fall off by accident.

These are really minor gripes, though. The body of the HCM itself is a
beaut. Some of the joints are very stiff while other are very loose, but
hey! It's a decade old! A little loosening here and tightening there and
it's one of the most posable Gundam models or toys I've ever seen! My
wife, who is not a fan, went "Oooh!" when she saw it and allowed as how
it's worth what I paid for it.

Me, I just plain love it. It's now my second-favorite HCM. My all-time
fave is still HCM #15: RX-178 Gundam Mk.II, but then the Mk.II is still my
all-time fave Gundam, period. Maybe it's because it was the first Gundam I
ever saw -- the first MS I ever say, the RMS-106 Hizack, is also one of my
favorites -- but there's something about the Mk.II that puts the others in
the shade.

Or maybe I'm a sucker for retconned original Gundams. My three favorites
are the aforementioned Nu and Mk.II and the RX-78 NT-1, all of which were
supposed to be the original Gundam brought "up to date" (I also like the
RX-78 GP03S, RX-79(G) and Ez8)....


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