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Mark Kuettner (
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 15:23:52 PST

>>I have never actually made a 0080 myself, but they always draw
>>positive response on this list among modelers. I have heard, though,
>>the Gelgoog not being the best of the bunch, so you have a point...
>>Mark Kai
>I for one am not that impressed with the 0080 kits. The MS-06FZ Zaku I
>built had the worst quality plastic Bandai ever put in a Gundam kit,
>I've been building them since the original series. If you think the
>Crystal Version MG kits' plastic quality was bad, then you haven't
>this one yet. The Hygog kit also felt crude and unrefined as far as
>go. It has trouble balancing (thus you usually see it standing on all
>in the kit photos) and the joints are very loose. The Zugock-E was
>by comparison, but joint-wise lacked range and flexibility.

Thanx for the honest info, Eddie. I never really wanted to get a 0080
kits because...well, the designs are mediocre.I realise they have to
do the whole retro thing, but 0083 did better. The Kampfer and NT-1
rise above a little, but the kit versions of them dissapointed me. I
don't need a dozen Gundam variants in one series to be happy, but I
do need a more interesting designs than 0080 had to offer.

Mark Kai

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